• How do I expect a service?
    It's simple, if you already know exactly what you want or the service to be done can click directly on the FREE BUDGET and ask, or even by email or by Whatsapp or SMS 19 98966-4440.
  • I have questions about my case not even know what is the area, what should I do?
    Just give a brief summary of the facts so that our professionals can do the sorting and analysis of the legal matter involved. The more details inherent in the case, better. If any additional data will contact necessary before passing the budget without any cost or obligation.
  • I have several questions about my problem or process, what should I do?
    In this case, to answer questions and doubts about a problem or legal situation, it is necessary that a query is made, an opinion or an analysis of the process or material in question. All these services can be budgeted at no cost or commitment. After the narrative of the facts professional will return saying what options for that particular case.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    It's simple. We answer queries and questions either in person (by appointment only), for email, Skype (videoconferencing) phone or Whatsapp, depending on availability of each client. After the first contact and analysis of the case, shall be completed prior budget consultation that may be paid through bank deposit or credit card.
  • What are the office practice areas?
    We operate in the field of civil law, from family businesses, through contracts, collections, real estate, undue restriction, compensation for damage and all that this area involves, as well as in consumer law area, labor area, Business, Criminal, Social Security, Constitutional and Sports. Both in court as extrajudicial.
  • I want to make an appointment, what should I do?
    Before you make an appointment with any of our professionals, you must inform us (phone / email / whatsapp) what was the matter, until so that you can schedule with the responsible professional. How can you expect the service at no cost via phone, email, whatsapp, Skype or SMS if the person insists on personal service by appointment, will be charged in advance the value of a basic query in the amount of R $ 250 , 00 (two hundred and fifty reais), which lasts about 01 hours, which can be paid via credit card or bank deposit.
  • What is the specialty of the office?
    Our office is focused in the areas of family law (inventory, testament, separation, storage and food), throughout the Civil area (contract and liability) and the Criminal area, Labor, Business and Social Security. Well as working for legal entities and professionals (monthly package).
  • Doctor, I have several processes or my company has several processes, we can close a monthly package?
    Yes, many customers opt for such engagement. In this case it is necessary for the client to tell all the details of each of the causes / problems so we can spend its budget and conditions.
  • What is the fees?
    It depends on each service, behold, each of which has its particularity, specialty and complexity, which is why there is the prior estimate for free and without obligation. It will certainly be a fair value, proportional to the work to be developed and within the client's economic capacity.
  • How can I pay the fees?
    We work with VISA and Mastercard, as well as with Banco Itaú, Bradesco, Banco do Brazil and Santander. The fees can be paid in cash (10% discount) or in installments to the credit card or by bank deposit. The number of plots will depend on the value of the service and especially the payment capacity of each client.
  • What is the guarantee that I have to hire this office?
    In law, there is no way to promise the result, precisely because it is a medium activity and no activity order. What a different office like ours can offer is a quality service, excellence and unique and differentiated service. Our office is registered with the OAB / SP and all our professionals, all assets, specializing in the areas which they work and the high-tech office have always to provide the best experience for our customers, after all it is they who will or not ensure the perpetuation of this office.
  • I have more questions, how do I correct them?
    Just send us an e-mail with the subject questions, detailing doubt that back to you as soon as possible.